Stern College for Women Senior Art Thesis 2021

In/Tension embodies the shared experience of searching for the best way to succeed within the unusual conditions that characterized this tumultuous year, both in our artistic practices and our lives. These unwelcome circumstances have led us to think intently about history and other preexisting phenomena which have drastically changed over the past year, and we've used this unintended change to our advantage, spurring us to think about ways certain staples or functions of the world can be altered for the better; altered in a way that spawns a new, unexpected perspective.

Decadent Coffee Co.

For my senior project, I wanted to explore some areas that were a bit outside of my comfort zone. That's why I created Decadent Coffee Co., a hypothetical online coffee vendor based around the theme of time and decades. I designed patterns and color groupings for each decade, creating a series of “blends” of coffee, each with its own design. Throughout my process, I was able to explore patterning, packaging design, marketing, and so many more skills that I believe will help me advance my career in Graphic Design.

And who knows? Maybe one day you'll see Decadent Coffee available for purchase in your local supermarket...