Fine Line: A Body of Work


Watermelon Sugar

Adore You

Lights Up



To Be So Lonely


Sunflower, Vo. 6

Canyon Moon

Treat People With Kindness

Fine Line

Artist's Statement

Shira’s series, inspired by Harry Styles’ album Fine Line, seeks to embody the album as a whole while simultaneously exploring the deeper meaning behind each song. Shira uses her own body to emulate the lyrics of the songs, and she incorporates her photographs with other appropriated images and elements to create a collage for each song on the album. Each piece features a pattern: a lyric from the song pertaining to a certain part of the human body, the artist’s photograph of her own body part, an image of the same body part of Harry Styles, and objects that reflect the theme and other lyrics of the song.

Shira highlights the name of the album, Fine Line, by drawing in her own lines and doodles into each collage. Additionally, each collage is unique in its color and hue, creating a different mood in each piece. Some songs have darker, sadder tones, so the artist creates a moodier scene, while others are bright and light to highlight the joyful tones of the songs they represent. Shira’s inclusion of scattered items, such as marbles or pennies, evokes a playful feeling in each collage.

Shira’s use of her own body allows her series to become a literal “Body of Work,” and she seeks to construct her own version of the human body by inserting herself into the collages. The series may seem erotic or even creepy, especially with her use of newspaper-cut lettering, but her message is clear. Music, at its full potential, can envelop the human body through its nuances and the emotions it evokes.